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First Attempt into Changing the Spirits World


"Family, Friends, Fun, Festival"

This is the motto on every bottle of Holi Gin. 

In India, there is a popular holiday often called by visitors, “The Festival of Color”, but to locals it has another name ‒ Holi. “The day celebrates life, happiness, and relationships old, new, and repaired,” said Kartik Kamat, “It was the perfect namesake.” 

It is the "Unconventional Gin for the Unconventional Generation" because it tastes unlike any other gin before it!

Its the first gin taking a bourbon mash bill, which is the founders upbringing, with the taste of the founders Indian heritage, chai spices. 

"When you come to my home, I won't make you a chai like my mom, I will make you Holi Gin cocktail!" said Kartik. 

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A distillery, run by millennials for millennials. Distilery America takes KY to the world and brings the world to KY. We strive to create a spirits business that is better in every way... products, people, ideas, innovations, marketing, sales, tours... everything! 

Founded by Kartik Kamat (

Mike DiCenso and Kartik Kamat


 Doing the work to bring you awesome spirits like Holi Gin! 

COO, CMO, CTO, C.........

Mike DiCenso is the C of everything. As the only employee of Distillery America, Mike is responsible for the daily tasks that get the product on shelves and into fantastic cocktails.   

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